Brand a Domains

A .ca will brand you as a Canadian Business. Almost 80% of Canadians say they prefer to deal with a Canadian Company. A .ca will help Google and other search engines. determine that you are based in Canada. This will help with local SEO and make it easier to get ranked for your area.
The .com is likely taken and or prohibitively expensive. It is always recommended when possible to get both the .ca and the .com Some cities have the same name, think Vancouver B.C. Vancouver Washington or Windsor Ontario, and Windsor UK. The .ca will leave no doubt that your business is based in a Canadian city

All domains are registered  at Godaddy and are available at Godaddy Dan and Sedo

Need Hosting

Having a . ca will help with local SEO

Looking for a Short Domain

A 5-letter domain can give you an edge over your competition